Swingin' Hot Pizza brings the flavor of New York to Pleasant View

Swingin' Hot Pizza-5.jpg

There’s a new way to eat pizza in Northern Utah and it’s Swingin’ Hot.


Nestle's Poland Spring is common groundwater, new suit alleges

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. Nestle’s Poland Spring Water unit has duped American consumers into paying premium prices for ordinary ground water that’s pumped from some of Maine’s most populated areas, rather than from natural springs as the company advertises, according to a lawsuit. While Poland Springs...


Zimbabwe and South africa ground flights in permit dispute

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. All eight South African Airways flights between Harare and Johannesburg were canceled on Saturday when the Zimbabwe government demanded a foreign operators permit, a day after an Air Zimbabwe plane was grounded in the South African city for similar reasons. The decisions to...


How Trump, of all people, ushered in the end of the amoral corporation

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. When corporate executives this past week decided to resign en masse from two highly visible White House advisory councils, it was not only another marker in Donald Trump’s fall into political and policy irrelevancy, although it was surely that. More significantly, it...


`Smokey and the Bandit' charm fades as truck driver hiring lags

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. It’s been 30 years since Burt Reynolds starred in “Smokey and the Bandit” and made driving a rig on the open highway seem like a cool way to make a living. That same year, only “Star Wars” sold more tickets. These days, “Star Wars” still fills theaters but trucking no longer...


That chicken from Whole Foods isn't so special anymore

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. Whole Foods Market doesn’t sell just chickens. It sells shoppers on the idea of chickens raised and treated better than prevailing standards: no antibiotics, no hormones, no cages. Not the sort of chicken you can get anywhere. But thanks in no small part to a food-quality...


Icahn quits role as 'special adviser' to Trump

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. Carl Icahn relinquished his role as “special adviser” to President Donald Trump on regulatory reform on Friday afternoon, capping a tumultuous week for the president’s circle of business counselors. But Icahn did not say he was stepping down because of the uproar over...


Special eclipse glasses selling out quickly

Eclipse Glasses Frenzy-10

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Eclipse mania is building and so is demand for the glasses that make it safe to view the first total solar eclipse to cross the U.S. in 99 years. Lines are forming, prices are rising and shelves are emptying as people scurry to obtain special eyewear to view the sun Monday as...


Correction: Mexico-Brazil Corruption Probe story

MEXICO CITY (AP) — In a story Aug. 14 about corruption allegations against the former head of Mexico’s state-run oil company Pemex, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office said the Brazilian companies Odebrecht and Braskem were involved in paying bribes in...


Cities seek creative ways to prevent car or van attacks

Spain Attacks-2

PARIS (AP) — From Barcelona to Times Square and beyond, extremists have used vehicles as deadly weapons with alarming frequency in recent years, whether to promote jihad, get attention or express despair. In response, ugly concrete blocks as well as more aesthetic deterrents are sprouting up in...


California tightens rules on popular pesticide for farmers

California Pesticide Rule Tightening

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California is tightening the strictest rules in the nation on a pesticide that is popular with farmers over new health concerns, officials said Friday. Farmers use chlorpyrifos (klor-PHIR-e-fos) to kill pests that attack a wide variety of crops like grapes, almonds and cotton...

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