Kingsport Times-News: Upper East Tennessee Science Fair winners announced

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Upper East Tennessee Science Fair winners announced

Dr. Gary Henson • Apr 5, 2019 at 4:30 PM

The 47th annual Upper East Tennessee Science Fair was held Saturday, March 23, at East Tennessee State University’s MSHA Athletics Center. This year’s fair was sponsored by the Johnson City Kiwanis Club, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Tri Cities Section and ETSU with grand prize awards sponsored by the Eastman Foundation.

Participants included 180 students from fourth through eighth grades representing 25 regional schools.

Grand prize-winning projects explored many topics, from ‘magnetic’ sand to the lifestyle choices of middle school students. The projects were judged in several award categories by over 35 professional scientists and engineers from ETSU and local companies such as Eastman and Siemens.

With additional prizes sponsored by ETSU’s Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, the Tennessee Academy of Science, and the American Chemical Society, a total of $7,350 was awarded to the student winners, their teachers, and their schools.

Upper East Tennessee Science Fair
Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences
General Categories for Judging
Grades: 4-8

Eastman Foundation

Grand Prize Winners

The best entry in each grade receives the grand prize, which includes a $250 award for the winning student, $100 award to his/her school, and $100 award to his/her teacher.

Fourth grade: Zakariya Awan, Ashley Academy

Fifth grade: Joseph Bellino, St. Dominic Catholic

Sixth grade: Emma Grace Stewart, Kingsport Christian Academy

Seventh grade: Sophia Stone, Ashley Academy

Eighth grade: Andrew Cunningham, Providence

Johnson City Kiwanis Club

Prize Winners

The club awards $100 for first; $50 for second; and $25 for third to three Biological Science and three Physical Science entries in each grade (4-8). $50 awards were also given to each prize winner’s school.

Fourth Grade Biological Category

1: Kara Barrett Towne, Acres Elementary

2: Eliana Kovacova, Kingsport Christian

3: Amilia Mancuso, Providence Academy

Honorable Mention

Caden Brummel, Towne Acres

Fourth Grade Physical Category

1: Jacqui Combs, St. Mary’s Catholic

2: Sean McDuffie, St. Dominic Catholic

3: Conor Lilley, Ashley Academy

Fifth Grade Biological Category

1: Cooper McLain, St. Dominic Catholic

2: Cassandra Probst, Lincoln Elementary

3: Carmen Wright, St. Mary’s Catholic

Honorable Mention

Jack Ridley, Fall Branch

5th Grade Physical Category

1: Richelly Lorenzo-Guzma, St. Dominic

2: Deakin Shipley, Ashley Academy

3: Clare Clark, Kingsport Christian

6th Grade Biological Category

1: Natalie Borsos, St. Mary’s Catholic

2: Daniel Brooks, Ashley Academy

3: Anjali Priya Ananthula, University School

6th Grade Physical Category

1: Larenzo Jeter, Ashley Academy

2: Kyle Christian, Kingsport Christian

3: Tyler Dodge, Ridgeview Middle School

Honorable Mention
Tine Bowman, Kingsport Christian Academy

7th Grade Biological Category

1: Kamran Awan, Ashley Academy

2: Winter Bassett, Fall Branch School

3: Abby Utterback, TEACH-Johnson City

7th Grade Physical Category

1: Noah Berg, Innovation Academy

2: Owen Hoover, St. Mary’s Catholic

3: Adrien Tilson, Fall Branch School

Honorable Mention:

Zachary Higgins, Fall Branch School

8th Grade Biological Category

1: Claire Messerschmidt, Providence

2: Rachel Koens, Ashley Academy

3: Tessa Arney, Boones Creek Middle School

8th Grade Physical Category

1: Hannah Griffith, TEACH-Johnson City

2: Gidien Higgins, Unicoi County Middle

3: Zackary Newman, Innovation Academy

Honorable Mention:

Tucker Evans, Ashley Academy


IEEE Prize Winners

Engineering/technology-related entries in each grade (4-8) were honored by IEEE with $75 for first prize; $50 for second; and $25 for third.

Fourth Grade

1: John Thomas, Providence Academy

2: Bradley Wilkings, Towne Acres Elem.

3: Zakariya Awan, Ashley Academy

Fifth Grade

1: Richelly Lorenzo-Guzman, St. Dominic

2: Caroline Carder, Indian Trail Intermediate

3: Graciela Mondragon, St. Dominic Catholic

Sixth Grade

1: Ean Roy Martinez, St. Mary’s Catholic

2: Tyler Dodge, Ridgeview Middle School

3: Ansh Patel, University School

Seventh Grade

1: Owen Hoover, St. Mary’s Catholic

2: Mick Stokes, St. Mary’s Catholic

3: Reily Cohan, Ashley Academy

Eighth Grade

1: Zackary Newman, Innovation Academy

2: Hannah Griffith, TEACH-Johnson City

3: Rachel Maurer, St. Mary’s Catholic

Chemistry Awards

The Northeast Section of the American Chemical Society awards three prizes for projects in chemistry from any grade. The prizes are $75 for first; $50 for second; and $25 for third.

1: Cooper Greer, Towne Acres Elementary

2: Analia Malcolm, Kingsport Christian Academy

3: Kirsten Drum, Providence Academy

Appalachian Region Awards

The Center for Appalachian Studies and Services awards three $100 prizes for projects related to the Appalachian region from any grade, biological or physical sciences.

Winner: Larenzo Jeter, Ashley Academy

Winner: Tucker Evans, Ashley Academy

Winner: Sophia Stone, Ashley Academy

Tennessee Academy of Science

Awards two $100 prizes for overall Biological Science entries and two $100 prizes for overall Physical Science entries.

Biological Science Winners

Sarah Leerssen, Indian Trail Intermediate

Sathvik Ramu, University School

Physical Science Winners

Richelly Lorenzo-Guzman, St. Dominic

Zackary Newman, Innovation Academy

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