FACT CHECK: Marijuana town hall at Bonneville High School

Medical Marijuana PTSD-1

Last week’s town hall meeting at Bonneville High School focused on the ills of marijuana,...


Pesky land-use provision removed from final national defense bill

Ogden Nature Center should be safe for decades

An amendment that would have left the Ogden Nature Center and Golden Spike Events Center vulnerable to economic development was extracted from the final National Defense Authorization Act signed by Trump Tuesday.


Section of S.R. 156 in Eden to be closed for 2 hours Friday for trail work

Donated concrete culvert to span Eden Irrigation Canal

A stretch of multi-use trail connecting Wolf Creek to Eden is under construction and expected to be completed by spring. But to accomplish that feat, a two-hour road closure is scheduled this Friday.


FBI agent removed from Russia probe called Trump an 'idiot'

Trump Russia Probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two FBI officials who would later be assigned to the special counsel’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign described him with insults like “idiot” and “loathsome human” in a series of text messages last year, according to copies of the messages released Tuesday....


3 things to watch for from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday

Fed 3 Things To Watch For

WASHINGTON (AP) — On the day when Janet Yellen will hold her final news conference as Federal Reserve chair, the Fed has left little doubt what it plans to do Wednesday: Raise its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year. The increase would be in line with the series of incremental rate...


Why Do People Hate Obamacare, Anyway?

The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” has roiled America since the day it was signed into law in 2010. From the start, the public was almost evenly divided between those who supported it and those who opposed it. They still are. The November monthly tracking poll from the Kaiser Family...


College coaches' salaries increase despite threat of new tax

Tax Bill College Coaches Football

WASHINGTON (AP) — A potential new tax on seven-figure salaries for employees of non-profits hasn’t deterred schools from doling out huge contracts to new coaches. Football powers aiming for a national title have continued to pay the market rate for proven coaches, topped by the 10-year, $75 million...


Moore defeat in Alabama deals Trump a rebuke ahead of 2018 races

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. The defeat of Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race by Democrat Doug Jones was a stunning rebuke to the GOP’s anti-establishment wing led by Steve Bannon and a major political embarrassment for President Donald Trump. Moore’s candidacy was the opening gambit in...


Gillibrand got a fight she wants after Trump's fiery tweet

Trump Sexual Misconduct Gillibrand

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand got a fight she wants after President Donald Trump lashed out at the New York Democrat in a provocative tweet that claimed she’d begged him for campaign contributions and would “do anything” for them. Gillibrand, who’s up for re-election next year and is...


Analysis: Trump bets on Moore and suffers stinging defeat

Alabama Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rarely has a sitting president rallied behind such a scandal-plagued candidate the way Donald Trump did with Alabama’s Roy Moore. And rarely has that bet failed so spectacularly. Moore’s defeat Tuesday in Alabama — as stalwart a Republican state as they come — left Trump...


AP sources: House, Senate leaders reach agreement in principle on sweeping tax package.

WASHINGTON (AP) — AP sources: House, Senate leaders reach agreement in principle on sweeping tax package.

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