Readers React: 'Safe-on-red' traffic measure considered by Utah Legislature

Friday , March 02, 2018 - 12:12 PM2 comments

Utah drivers might get the go ahead to run red lights when no other traffic is present if the Utah State Legislature gets its way. 

Rep. Ken Ivory of West Jordan said he drafted the measure after a constituent complained about waiting at an intersection where a red light wouldn’t change. 

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Ivory argues it essentially makes a red light a stop sign if no other cars, bikes or people walking are nearby.

“This is a safe-on-red bill,” he said. “It’s not a run-a-red-light bill.”

The Utah Department of Transportation opposes the measure, arguing that half of all crashes in urban areas occur at intersections, including 36 percent of all fatalities. 

Here’s what you, the readers, had to say when we posted the story to our Facebook page. (All responses are verbatim.)

Nicole Kingsford Hawes: I can only imagine the death toll on 12th and Washington if this goes in effect. But hey I mean if people are going to break the law there’s no stopping them right 🙄 That is the logic now days.

Vikki Deakin: Flashing yellows would be much better. I don't think it's wise to train a population to ignore red lights. I can only imagine the carnage that will come from that.

Caryl V Taylor: I got hit on a flashing yellow light and I stopped twice before proceeding through. A car going fast did not stop but ran into me. I was found at fault but not given a ticket because three people told the officer that I stopped twice before making my turn. I spent 7 hours in ER. So, stop on a red and proceed very carefully on a flashing yellow!

Travis Uhlmansiek: I waited at a stop light for 1.5 hrs because it wouldn't turn. I was the third car back, and those in front of me didnt want to break the law, so I was stuck. This isn't a bad idea.

Stacey Olsen Byrne: Lights at 5 points are famous for staying red ( especially after midnight)

Lori White Schreiter: Utah drivers are bad enough! This is a horrible idea

Brandon Burke (in reply to Lori White Schreiter): No it's really not. Motorcycles can already do it in Utah so why not cars?

Stacy Maw (in reply to Lori White Schreiter): I at times have to wait 20 min to turn off of hey 89 onto Nichols, I sit and watch the lights go back and forth but not my turn signal until other cars get behind me it's so frustrating

Armand Lobato: When your at a light that has a sensor and you been sitting at the red light for 30 mins you can proceed to go

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