Use military personnel to guard public schools

Tuesday , March 13, 2018 - 6:00 AM3 comments

President Donald Trump wants to have our school teachers carry guns and defend our students from gun-toting terrorists. This is a bad idea. Our teachers have enough to do educating, guiding, testing and evaluating students — not to mention that most teachers would not have the heart to shoot one of their students, if that student was a shooter.

Another idea would be to have security at every school like our courts do. Another bad idea. This would be extremely costly and a private security force would have nothing but their paychecks invested.

A better idea: As part of the military budget increase being proposed, let’s make guarding our children part of our military’s mission.

We have about 100,000 public schools in the United States. Let’s put two fully-armed and trained military personnel in every school — preferably, soldiers with children. A military sergeant makes about $25,000 a year. To put two of them in every public school would cost around $5 billion. The proposed military budget increase is about $50 billion.

The military has the personnel, training and discipline to protect our schools. Our military personnel are the finest and care the most about the future of this nation.

An added bonus would be the respect and honor displayed for our children. When a soldier says “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am” to the teachers and school staff, it would set an example for our youth to follow.

These fine military men and women would make our children feel safe.

Allen Gabourie


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