The TX. 10: Best Valentine's Day gifts

TX. Valentines' Day

1. A classic bouquet of flowers for anyone and everyone. 2. A simple yet classy dinner for someone you love. 3. Cutely wrapped sweets for any friend or special someone. 4. Handmade notes or cards for those you love. 5. A framed picture of a memory with a loved one. 6. Customized jewelry for your...


Where to get a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in Northern Utah

Hearth on 25th

Area restaurant managers say while they offer special menus for Valentine’s Day, they also typically have more customers that day and urge people to make reservations and plan ahead.


Planning ATV adventures for 2018

Lynn Blamires

We are already over a month into 2018 and I have not written about the ATV jamborees scheduled for 2018. I was reminded of that fact in an email from Vickie Mattson last week. While an article I wrote came out on the Tri-State Jamboree coming up in March, that does not help anyone plan for the rest...


Utah's Community Supported Agriculture connects neighbors with local farmers

BN 062516 Farmers Market 07-6

“My son is connected to his food because he knows the farmer,” said Rachelle Rose of Layton.


3 local meat processors you can support in Northern Utah

BZ 012918 Bonneville MEats 01

Local meat distributors can often better answer customers questions about where their animals come from and how to prepare unique cuts.


Ogden Marathon pours money into city, Weber County

BZ 052116 Ogden Marathon 02-1

Outdoor recreation as a driver of the economy and tourism has been a keystone of Mayor Mike Caldwell’s vision for Ogden

Health & Fitness

Video: How bad is eating a whole sleeve of Thin Mints?

Thin mints

Is it a good idea? No. But it’s delicious. 


Which social media option is best for you?

TX. Social Media

These days, there are enough different social media options that choosing between them has become much more difficult than it needs to be. As similar to each other as they may seem, however, there are differences between platforms that can either make or break your social media experience. Whether...


Book lovers, unite — on Bookstagram

TX. Bookstagram

You’ve heard of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, but have you heard of Bookstagram? It’s not a new social media platform — rather, it’s a group of people within the already existing Instagram app. If you love books, reading, writing or even journaling, then...


The TX. 10: Epic words that mean almost the same thing

TX. Obstinate

1. Recalcitrant 2. Contumacious 3. Seditious 4. Dissentious 5. Fractious 6. Refractory 7. Obstinate 8. Indomitable 9. Insubordinate 10. Radical — Sierra Clark, Venture High

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