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Sheriff Terry Thompson was oblivious to the crisis in his evidence room. He needs to go

SW 110217 Utah Jail Standards Press Conf 04

Failures in the Weber County Sheriff’s Office evidence room put public safety at risk, and it is Sheriff Terry Thompson who bears ultimate responsibility.

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Drivers, motorcyclists need to start looking out for each other


After a long winter of owning the road, drivers now need to begin watching for bikes — because when they don’t, the results can be deadly.

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In Salt Lake City, VA staff treated a veteran in a dirty exam room. That's unacceptable

Veterans Affairs Unclean Room

When you spend six years in the U.S. Army and serve two tours in Iraq, you deserve certain things in return. A clean exam room at the VA, for starters.

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Utah is making progress on ozone pollution — but we still need to do more

SW 072817 Airport Interstate 15 Interstate 84 traffic 01

Maybe you can’t always see ozone pollution. But it’s there, and during the summer it poses a threat to vulnerable Utahns.

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Is the world big enough for "Hamilton" and the Jazz? We'll see

Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City

You don’t go to see “Hamilton” and pull out your smartphones during Act I — even if the Jazz are playing the Houston Rockets in the NBA Western Conference semifinals.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

BD 0402618 Bill Schuffenhauer 02

This week: Drunk drivers, Edwin Santiago Lopez and the class of 2018 at Weber State, local bookstores and the new director of development at Lantern House.

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There are facts. Then there are Jenny Wilson's facts about Mitt Romney

Utah House McAdams

We already have enough politicians in Washington who see the truth as something that can be manipulated according to political necessity. Utahns need to ask themselves if we really need one more.

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A lot of veterans live in N. Utah. Now they don't need to drive to Salt Lake for

SC_Veterans 10

Now, veterans can find mental health services closer to home, which should encourage more veterans to seek counseling.

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The Davis Co. Jail allowed 2 and a half years of sexual harassment. It no longer deserves


Any entity that ignores sexual harassment does not value basic human dignity. It doesn’t simply encourage those in positions of power to humiliate others, it crushes the spirit of those they harass.

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Now's not the time to begin soaking your lawn in Northern Utah

BZ 060415 Weber State Water 03-1

Pay attention to how much water you pour on your lawn, and when. Because Utah is in a drought.

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