College a new way of learning that will 'blow your mind'

Sunday , October 08, 2017 - 12:00 AM

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Transitioning from going to school in a “small” building like Syracuse High School to a huge university campus has been a big change.

As a recent high school graduate, I’m now figuring out a whole new way of going to school on the college scene, and the size of the campus is just one of the big adjustments.

At college, different classes are in different buildings – and even though some of them may be close together, others are a giant hike apart. Not to mention parking at a university is slim to none.

Another huge transition is discovering that as a college student, you get to make your own schedule. I never realized how great it would be to make my own schedule and take the classes when I wanted to take them, whether it’s bright and early at 7:30 a.m. or late in the afternoon.

This means I have so much more freedom to do what I want to do with every day. Also, being able to make your schedule ties in better with work; you can juggle time in classes around time on the job.

When you are a university student, you have so much control over your schooling that it’s a wake-up call to finally being an adult.

And this might blow your mind, but in college you can get up in class to use the bathroom, go get a drink or take a call, and not even have to ask the professor. It’s like you actually get to finally be treated like an adult. Crazy, huh?!

One thing I have to get used to, though, is having many different age groups in the same classes, from students my own age to others who may be parents or even grandparents. You end up with a wider spectrum going to school with more than just your age group. I think this is important because in class discussions you are able to broaden your minds further than what just you or your age group thinks.

Of course, the downside of going to college is that you have SO much work. The number of hours you spend in the class equals how much time you will spend on work outside of class, however, that also depends on the subject and teacher. Some professors expect a lot more work than others.

Also, going to college is one step to help you find where you want to go in life, but with all this freedom you also need preparation and focus. You don’t want to end up changing your major 20 times in the process.

These are all things to think about as you move to the end of your high school career and look ahead to college. It’s never too early to start thinking about the possibilities – and about how different your life will be.

Madison Skinner is a recent graduate of Syracuse High School. Email her at


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