Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

One exit ramp, 2 crashes and lots of dead cattle — an S-E reader conversation

SW 112217 Cattle Truck Crash 01

In January 2016, a cattle truck crashed on an exit ramp at Interstate 84 and I-15. Another truck crashed Wednesday in the same spot. Both crashes killed cattle. Readers say truckers need to slow down.

Guest Commentary

A columnist expresses his thanks for spare ribs, Orrin Hatch and family

Sexual Harassment Franken

“This year I’m thankful for Roy Moore and Al Franken, because they remind me that skeezy pervs come in all political persuasions.,” writes Don Porter.

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Democracy, conversation and hyperbole


“Our politicians have shifted from exaggeration for effect to simply using large lies instead of small ones,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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A look at the fentanyl epidemic in Utah

DOJ Opioids-1

“The opioid epidemic is real and with the influx of fentanyl, death is a likely outcome,” writes Lt. Jake Sube.

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Consumers need someone on their side

Consumer Agency-Legal Fight

“The fox has firmly entrenched itself back in the henhouse, and one of the last watch dogs on the job just stepped down,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Dealing with North Ogden's deer — an S-E reader conversation

North Ogden deer

Some people believe North Ogden has a people problem — not a deer problem.

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One standard for Roy Moore, another for Donald Trump

Trump Romney

“I’m genuinely pleased Lee and Romney are condemning Moore. I just wish they would apply the same standard, consistently, to the president of the United States,” writes Don Porter.

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Q: Should we change our form of government? A: It’s all about the people

Weber's three commissioners sometimes disagree

“Regardless of the form of government we choose for ourselves, we must remember that it takes a vigilant, actively involved, well-informed public to elect good leaders,” writes Robert Hunter.

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Gun control laws don't matter if we fail to enforce them

Church Shooting Texas-7

“As we mourn yet another mass shooting, we need to realize that our safeguards and reporting systems failed,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Open your mind to civility, an act that requires respect

MH 073016 A Conversation About Race 36-2

“At the end of the day, when we are civil, we are respectful. When we finally value differences, our civility will be recognized,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

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