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Guest Commentary

Turn your helplessness into action and hope

APTOPIX Las Vegas Shooting

“Instead of a season of helplessness, let’s make it a season of hopefulness, one where you show your activism by your actions,” writes Adrienne Andrews.

Guest Commentary

Could you survive on what's in your bucket?

Hurricane Irma-4

“If you can’t remember the last time you checked your survival kit, it’s probably time to do it again,” writes D. Louise Brown.

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Kneeling during the anthem isn't disrespectful. It sends a powerful message

NFL Protests Football Kaepernick

“Let them exercise their First Amendment rights. It’s the American thing to do,” writes Don Porter.

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After the Equifax breach, we need to change our online behaviors

Congress Equifax Data Breach

“This latest crisis is a reminder that we all need to work to make our online lives more robust,” writes David Ferro.

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Weber State, home of the Wildcats — not the wild cats

BW 090117 Weber State Block Party 031-26

“Encouraging a cat population on our campus places both birds and ourselves at substantial risk,” writes Sam Zeveloff

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Read a book that challenges the way you see the world

Lead BZ 093015 Banned BOoks 01

“The most important challenge of Banned Book Week isn’t the challenges made against the books, but the challenge to ourselves to open our minds and read,” writes E. Kent Winward

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The Nicolas Sanchez shooting — a Standard-Ex reader conversation

RL 08262017 (Top 5) Roy Police Brutality March-4-3

Police officers were justified Feb. 21 when they killed Nicolas Sanchez outside a Roy convenience story, Weber County Attorney Chris Allred ruled. Readers overwhelmingly agreed.

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Listen, kid. You don't know who you're dealing with

sad mother and daughter

“In the end my parents did a bang-up job responding to a child who did things differently than they or the previous children did. Because of attempts to cut corners, I can spot those habits in my children,” writes Meg Sanders.

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I think Instagram is eavesdropping on my conversations


“Call me paranoid, if you will, but it’ll take some convincing to make me believe otherwise,” writes Don Porter.

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Philosophically speaking, a college education is a great value

BZ 042817 Weber State Graduation 10-4

Jeff Steagall provides four tips to make college “a truly transformative experience.”

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