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Violence, killing won't end without a change of heart

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida-7

It’s senseless. It’s horrific. It’s tragic. It demonstrates the worst of humankind. The latest school shooting in Florida leaves society struggling for understanding, politicians seeking advantage and families weeping, yet the problems remain. It’s a gun issue! It’s a...


Food pantry director takes time to connect with clients

SW 031716 Pantry Packs 04

Jaynann Johnson, lovingly known as “JJ,” is the heart of the Bountiful Community Food Pantry. JJ started volunteering at the pantry doing intake, interviewing and processing new and returning clients, but she was quickly hired as the pantry’s manager. Today she works countless...


Republicans show they cannot lead us into the future


Our hope of getting out of the current political morass is to practice term limits by not voting for anyone in office over six years, Republican or Democrat. We can do it. Is the Republican Party the right one to lead us in the future? No. After eight years of opposing the Obama administration and...


Soothing Trump's ego isn't a good reason for a military parade

Trump State Dinner

Rich Lowry's commentary supporting President Donald’ Trump's proposed parade was a jewel of minimization of the downside and misrepresentation of responsible objections (“A military parade is just what America needs,” Feb. 12 Standard-Examiner). The biggest downside I see is...


Only service dogs belong in businesses

BZ Best of April 02-1

The law requires businesses to allow service dogs and dogs in training for service into their buildings. Those pooches have cloth labels draped over their bodies to alert people that they’re either in training or already in service. But I’ve begun to notice non-service dogs and dogs...


Legislation would keep more nongame animals from becoming endangered

BS 101716 Bishop Clemens Debate 13 -11

In 1937, recognizing the importance of state wildlife management agencies, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Pittman-Robertson Act. This act supplies up to 75 percent of state wildlife agencies’ total budget, using funds generated by taxes on hunting equipment. A similar act was passed...


We can't allow ourselves to become immune to Trump's words

Trump speaks

Does President Donald Trump inject Americans with daily doses of verbal vaccinations? Yes, the immunization is working, as we become immune to his words. Each day Trump injects words into our minds on Twitter, during press conferences or in official White House statements. His word injections...


Is a university's top priority producing winning athletic teams?

Secondary MH 111817 Weber State Idaho State 09-4

What if one of Dr. Karen Bruestle’s vocal students at Weber State University — for the sake of gender equity, let’s consider this to be a young woman — in the first year following her graduation becomes a big hit at the Metropolitan Opera? Would Ogden hold a celebration in...


We need to do something about homelessness

Secondary BZ 012618 Homeless County 02-1

I just finished reading about our homeless problem, right here at home (“34 people found during Weber County's 'most successful' homeless count,” Jan. 30 Standard-Examiner). Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep and am feeling sorry for myself, I think of the poor homeless people...


Article may help those struggling with loss

Mormon President Nelson

It has been five years this month since my husband, Harold, died after a fall. It is very hard to adjust to life after losing a loved one. My desire in writing today is to inform you how an article in a magazine helped me increase my faith. “Open the Heavens Through Family History and Temple...

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