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Give free needles to diabetics, not drug users

BZ 050817 Needles Exchange 06-3

Regarding the needle exchange program going on in Ogden, why are we encouraging this? Let’s let all of the diabetics who have multiple injections a day get in line for free syringes also. My Medicare pays for my chem strips and lancets to monitor my blood sugar, but I spend a ridiculous...


The NRA is why we don't have smart guns

Church Shooting Gun Debate

To his credit, President Bill Clinton negotiated an agreement with the gunmaker Smith & Wesson. S&W would develop a “smart gun” (one that would read the owner’s fingerprint on the trigger and could only be fired for him). This would help prevent firearms from falling...


Decisions on national monuments were politically driven

Trump National Monuments-1

The Trump/Zinke team are quite the pair to be making decisions on reducing the size of national monuments. President Donald Trump's background is business, reality TV and playing golf. He does not appear to be a worldly or well read person. He wants to live like a king, not a president who leads....


Raising chickens in the city is costly, time-consuming

Socondary BS 031517 Chickens 02

Why do people want to have chickens in the city? If it is to save money on eggs, they should do a cost analysis. I'll bet each egg costs at least $5. Eggs purchased in the stores cost about 10 to 30 cents each. In considering the cost of any production, the work is usually the most expensive....


Patriarchal blessing provides woman with direction

LDS Temple Moroni

When I was of junior high school age, my uncle brought home a book titled “The Last Days.” I was fascinated by it. I wondered, “Will I marry? Will I have children?” Some of my friends were also seeking to know their futures, but they resorted to going to fortune tellers....


Utah classrooms need air conditioning

School lunch

Imagine sitting in a classroom for hours while temperatures climb to 96 degrees. The teacher, sweltering in the heat, has fans going at full blast, but it doesn't really relieve the suffering. Students sit at desks sweltering in the heat. Everyone is just waiting for the bell to ring. Syracuse...


If you value neighborhood schools, vote against the Ogden bond initiative

BD 102317 School Bond 05

There arrived in my mailbox recently a brochure from Ogden School District being sent to every household in the district, advertising the coming vote Nov. 7 on a proposed $106.5 million school bond issue. The flyer is remarkable for the information it omits. Nowhere in it will voters learn that, if...


Re-elect Stephens, White to the Ogden City Council

City Council approves new logo

I am endorsing the re-election of Ogden City Councilman Doug Stephens in Ward 3. In all the Ogden Council meetings, he has been attentive to all the items. In my opinion, he has voted for all of Ogden, not just a section! He has answered phone calls and messages with an understanding of my comments....


Stephens listens to concerns

Ogden City Council Ward 3

My wife and I have found Doug Stephens to be a hard worker who cares for the people of Ogden. He is the only council person who has ever taken the time to listen to our concerns. We had tried to get our sidewalks fixed for over three years. The sidewalk was deteriorating and had risen, causing a...


Gill has been an excellent district attorney for Salt Lake County

Sam Gill

I am a retired Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County law enforcement officer. Over the years, I have observed how good our Salt Lake County DA's have been. All the DA’s during my career and retirement have been good but I would have to rate the current DA, Sim Gill, as one of the very best....

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