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National Commentary

How Trump lost his cover

Trump taxes

“There is not an authentically populist bone in this billionaire's body. He regularly demonstrates his utter contempt for working people by treating them as rubes,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

The Trump presidency isn't nearly as bad as it sounds

Trump points

“Trump's presidency operates on a largely separate track than his Twitter feed and his other off-script interjections and pronouncements,” writes Rich Lowry.

National Commentary

Lessons learned from Lauer and other predators

Sexual Misconduct-Fallen Heroes

“The public disgrace of so many men should be welcomed because it signals an overdue shift in our moral codes and standards of conduct. Those are useful in guiding the bad, the good and everyone in between,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Don't let Trump gut AIDS program

Obama Bush

“There is only one AIDS strategy adequate to controlling this disease: Full funding, and full speed ahead,” writes Michael Gerson.

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The State Department desperately needs a leader

Trump Tillerson-1

The interests of the country are not served by a State Department that is demoralized and in disarray.

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A plan to make Social Security solvent

Social Security COLA

“What I’m advocating here, for both Social Security and taxes, amounts to short-term pain for long-term gain. Taxes might have to be set a little higher up front, but then they would grow at a slower rate,” writes Ramesh Ponnuru.

National Commentary

We cannot excuse or accept a reckless president

Trump Code Talkers

The public shouldn't tune out when Trump speaks. He must be held accountable for his insults and falsehoods.

National Commentary

Who will challenge Trump's enablers?


“We are so inured to the chaos and the lying that characterize Trump's presidency that we see each outrage as little more than another passing episode on an ongoing cable news drama,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

John Conyers is the albatross that Democrats deserve

Congress Sexual Misconduct-1

“Not having to bother with the logistics of your own mistresses is evidently one of the privileges of being a public servant.”

National Commentary

Why So Many Americans Hate Trump's Tax Reform

Jim Hightower populist columnist Creators Syndicate

Sam Rayburn of Texas, who was a legendary speaker of the U.S. House in the 1940s and '50s, offered this piece of ethical advice for lawmakers who were conflicted over whether to vote for the People of the lobbyists: "Every now and then, a politician ought to do something just because it's right."...

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