Consumers need someone on their side

Consumer Agency-Legal Fight

“The fox has firmly entrenched itself back in the henhouse, and one of the last watch dogs on...


Clinton is a great place to live because of its people

Clinton Utah

I sat at my computer Nov. 7, surrounded by my family waiting for the election results. When they finally appeared, I felt suddenly and incredibly humbled by the support that was shown to me by the residents of Clinton. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for honoring me with your vote...

Guest Commentary

A columnist expresses his thanks for spare ribs, Orrin Hatch and family

Sexual Harassment Franken

“This year I’m thankful for Roy Moore and Al Franken, because they remind me that skeezy pervs come in all political persuasions.,” writes Don Porter.

National Commentary

It's Thanksgiving. Listen to those who disagree with your views


If Thanksgiving is one of the only days of the year you’ll spend with those who don’t share your fundamental views, what we really want to say is: Don’t blow it. If you listen, you may learn something about why your so-called crazy uncle disagrees.


Congress cares more about its big donors than working-class voters

Congress Taxes Ryan

They've done it again. Our "representatives" in Washington have voted to raise our taxes and make health care less affordable for millions of citizens, while slashing taxes on large corporations and the wealthy. Reps. Rob Bishop, Mia Love, Chris Stewart and John Curtis all toed the party line and...

Guest Commentary

Democracy, conversation and hyperbole


“Our politicians have shifted from exaggeration for effect to simply using large lies instead of small ones,” writes Jeff Steagall.

Standard Deviations

Here's a handy-dandy holiday gift guide for Black Friday

Saal gift guide

What you really need for Christmas? A Death Star Waffle Maker. Or an Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot.

Guest Commentary

A look at the fentanyl epidemic in Utah

DOJ Opioids-1

“The opioid epidemic is real and with the influx of fentanyl, death is a likely outcome,” writes Lt. Jake Sube.

Our View

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. Don’t let it become a season of mourning

MH 121516 HAFB Traffic 05-4

Thanksgiving weekend is a dangerous time on Utah roads, so adjust accordingly.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: A little work and a microwave go a long way with prison cuisine

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“Spreading is where prisoners get together and make a big meal. In prison, food is entertainment,” Brian Wood writes this week.


Don't end the Affordable Care Act

Health Overhaul Medicaid in Maine-4

I have had a disability since I was 15 months old. I would like to challenge to President Trump and members of Congress to spend two days in a manual wheelchair or a walker, but you can’t use accessible parking spots, ramps made for wheelchairs or buttons to open automatics doors. Before the...

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