Trump and the fog over pre-existing maladies

Trump Congress Health Overhaul

WASHINGTON (AP) — Who's right — President Donald Trump and Sen. Bill Cassidy, or late-...


Hatch, Lee need to vote no on Graham-Cassidy

Congress Health Overhaul Cassidy

Graham-Cassidy is the worst of all health care reform proposals, and here you are, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, stepping up to the plate to vote for it? If you were to have the same coverage as you propose for the rest of us, would you make the same decisions? Maybe you don't have a family...

National Commentary

Wielding both ignorance and malice, Trump further divides the country

Trump Strange Politics

“The president's agenda of division is fully exposed. Faith in the Declaration, and in the genius of American institutions, remains the proper response,” writes Michael Gerson.

Guest Commentary

After the Equifax breach, we need to change our online behaviors

Congress Equifax Data Breach

“This latest crisis is a reminder that we all need to work to make our online lives more robust,” writes David Ferro.


Republicans, Democrats are stealing the American dream

Chuck and Nancy

American politics today is like a blue-collar thief and a white-collar thief taking pot shots at each other. Unfortunately, Americans are light-headed enough to take sides in this debate. Democrats and Republicans are both in the wrong. Both sides are stealing history from the people. Both are...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Lack of decent medical care in prison goes beyond 'inconvenient'

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“From my perspective, the state is not fulfilling its obligation to provide medical care to the inmates here,” Behind Bars columnist Brian Wood writes this week. 

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Weber State, home of the Wildcats — not the wild cats

BW 090117 Weber State Block Party 031-26

“Encouraging a cat population on our campus places both birds and ourselves at substantial risk,” writes Sam Zeveloff

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Can we avoid a health care horror?

Congress Health Overhaul Cassidy

“What the GOP really wants is to spend a whole lot less government money helping people get health care. But they can't admit it because it sounds heartless,” writes E.J. Dionne.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

BZ 091917 EU4Sports Trade Mission 03-2

This week’s topics: Marathons, reenactments with red-face paint, European sports companies and the right way to call out bad officiating.


Bishop deserves praise for acknowledging threat of climate change

Public Lands Fight-1

I attended our monthly Citizens’ Climate Lobby meeting, a grassroots group that advocates for a national carbon fee and dividend program. At that meeting, I learned U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop spoke in favor of language regarding the threat of human-caused climate change in the House military...


Thanks to those who support American Spirit essay contest

NS 091712 constitution03.jpg

The earliest expressions of American spirit came from our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We celebrate Constitution Day on Sept. 17. One means of acknowledging the value of this document can be accomplished in an essay contest, something we’ve had a history of doing How do...

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