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Locals remember Mormon prophet as a kind man who stressed service to others

OGDEN — When the news of the death of Thomas S. Monson reached many here in Northern Utah, the overwhelming impression was that he was a man who spent a long life in service to others.


4 Brothers Pizza focuses on quality food, helping kids

Ogdenites hoping for a taste of 4 Brothers Pizza will have to drive to Layton — at least for the foreseeable future.


Syracuse synthetic ice rink sits in storage for 2nd consecutive winter

SYRACUSE — This ice doesn’t melt, but it did go away for a couple of years.

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The ultimate listicle: Weirdest stuff columnist wrote about in 2017

Journalists love lists. Especially in late December.


Uber rides for your food? UberEATS begins operating in Weber, Davis

OGDEN — Move over, pizza. You’re not the only delivery game in town anymore.

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Depressed at the holidays? Maybe it's the music

They say depression spikes at the holidays.


Here's your handy-dandy last-second holiday gift guide

Here’s a quick holiday pop quiz for you:


Water, Sugar, Sewage: Small-town Garland aims for bigger — but not too big

GARLAND — Water brought them here. Sugar kept them here, for a time.

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It's official: At least 736 jackasses in Weber County alone

Sure, our air is bad these days. But on the bright side, at least we now know how many certifiable jackasses we have in Weber County.

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Net neutrality dead, but relax — companies promise they’ll do the right thing

Know what I really love? I simply adore commenting on things about which I know absolutely nothing.

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