Northern Utah hunting businesses booming despite winter’s toll on wildlife

Last winter took a hit on deer populations in Northern Utah, but the hunting business is still booming.


Next big Wasatch Fault earthquake could damage homes, schools

There are reminders everywhere — the devastation in Mexico City, the drills in schools, the dramatic Wasatch Mountains and the many scarps in the foothills. 


Weber State University surging ahead as energy-efficient 'powerhouse'

Even as Weber State University’s enrollment and campus grow, something about the school keeps shrinking — its carbon footprint. 


29 under threat species that won't be protected under the Trump administration

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made decisions on a slew of backlogged endangered species protections this month. Most of the proposed plants, birds, insects, mammals and other proposed animals didn’t make the cut, including a few in Utah.


Feds reject boreal toad endangered listing; Utah to keep up conservation efforts

Boreal toads will need to continue hopping along without help from the federal government.


Utah Gov. Gary Herbert lauds rooftop solar settlement

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert applauded stakeholders Wednesday for coming together and reaching an agreement on the future of small-scale solar in Utah.


Utah wildlife officials urge cougar caution, not 'paranoia' about wildlife

Several cougar warning signs have started popping up on Ogden trails, just over a week after a Facebook post went viral.


Health officials need more funds to keep toxic algal blooms out of Utah waters

When a harmful algal bloom popped up in Ogden’s 21st Pond this month — the first known at the water body — it served as a stark reminder that Utah waters are increasingly under threat.


Study: Ogden trailheads help real estate prices take a hike

Ogden’s outdoor assets are a major selling point for many homebuyers, but it turns out, proximity to trails could also elevate real estate prices.


DWR, Ogden police say Facebook post about cougars attacking dog is not verified

OGDEN — Area officials can’t verify details from a Facebook post claiming three cougars killed a dog Monday on the trails near Ogden Canyon.

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