Artists of all kinds putting on a show at Heritage Days

Jeff Bobo • Oct 13, 2019 at 2:30 PM

ROGERSVILLE — A woodcarver whose Rogersville Heritage Days booth is located near the intersection Main and Depot found a limb with two large grape vines twisted around it that he has transformed into something similar to a Caduceus.

Now it’s two snakes twisted around a staff, which the artist has already invested about 60 hours in, and he isn’t even halfway done.

He told the Times News Saturday that when it sells he probably won’t get a $1 per hour for effort. But the money isn’t what’s important. 

What’s important is the fact that in 100 years when we’re all gone that wood carved staff with two snakes wrapped around it will be a treasured antique in someone’s art collection.

And isn’t that really what Heritage Days is really about: remembering the past, and creating good things for the future.

Heritage Days is also about having fun, and and there were a lot of people packed into downtown Rogersville Saturday afternoon having a good time surrounded by a wide variety of artistry and creativity.

Nearly every booth along Main Street features handmade unique items, some being created right there while you watch.

There’s live music being performed on the main stage and live dancing courtesy of the multiple national champion Tennessee Hoedowners on Washington Street in the parking lot across from the courthouse.

Inside the courthouse are all the quilts on display from the Heritage Days quilting contest, and the Heritage Days Art show entries are on display down the street in the Local Artists Gallery.

The culinary arts were in full swing as well, particularly on Depot Street between Main and Washington where the main cluster of food booths are located. 

Rogersville Heritage Days continues Sunday from noon until 6 p.m.