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Englewood Lawn & Landscapes: Responsible stewardship with spectacular landscapes

Suzi McKee • Jul 8, 2019 at 10:37 AM

When Tim Simounet was about 8 years old, his next-door neighbor in the Washington, D.C. area had him whitewash the old tires that served as planters around her home. With the promise of teaching him about plants when he was older, Mrs. Small became the catalyst that uncovered the passion he would later develop for the environment. When he was a pre-teen, she let Tim plant her marigolds and taught him how to propagate forsythia plants that served as a screen around her property.

“She was an excellent role model for my early interest in horticulture,” Tim began. “Along with many others throughout my life, she helped me to learn that taking care of our environment is an important part of the green industry to which I’ve devoted my life.”

In high school, Tim began working for Meadows Farms Nursery where he developed a lasting friendship with Mr. Bill Meadows, also known as “The Farmer.” As a mentor, he taught Tim how to professionally care for clients, be more knowledgeable about plants and proper horticultural practices, and how to teach and train a staff so that yours is a professional addition in this very important part of home ownership and business landscape presentation.

“Mr. Meadows set a path for me that included design work that I truly enjoy. I was one of the first non-college designers in his company that is the largest family-owned nursery in the United States with 20 designers on staff in the 80s.”

When Tim’s mother moved to East Tennessee with him still in the D.C. area Virginia suburbs, he found himself spending more and more time here. “Once I met my future wife at a Home and Garden Show, I knew that this was the area in which I wanted to live. I began working for Evergreen and Mike Valk who is still a good friend. Working for the ‘First Family of Horticulture’ for the Tri Cities afforded me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and to become familiar with the professionals here,” Tim continued.

In the mid-90s, Tim joined Mountain Empire Landscape Professionals which was an organization devoted to raising professionalism in landscape services in the Tri-Cities. It was his work with Mike Duncan for this organization that began a professional relationship that grew into a partnership that has spanned almost 20 years. “Mike is our Operations Manager,” Tim explained. “We have a staff of 45 employees that he manages with incredible work ethic and integrity.”

At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, the staff works long hours in challenging conditions to provide first-class service to the clientele.

“We tell our folks to be the best that you can be,” Tim explained. “We think that our attention to professional development and our processes for delivering services to increase their skills make them better employees. We like to say that we come alongside our people to increase their knowledge so that they will always be passionate about landscapes and their ability to do things right.”

With the mantra of proper horticultural practices in place, Tim and the staff of certified professionals at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes are equipped to provide clients to have sustainable landscapes that add to the look and value of their homes and businesses.

“From teaching how to mow to decrease weeds to digging a $10 hole for a $2 plant, we implement the IPM or integrated pest management program that’s been developed by some of the leading horticultural schools in the country,” Tim continued. “Plants, insects and diseases have changed over the years so it’s vital to our green industry to keep current on those changes so that we can adequately advise and assist our clientele.”

By visiting the website www.englewoodlandscapes.com you can learn more about adding value to your property with a professionally-designed and installed landscape. From testimonials to posts that assist you with exceptional advice to effective pest control, Englewood Lawn & Landscapes stands ready to make your property an outstanding visual presentation.

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