Hawkins IDB remembers Terry Glass for his dedication, business and construction skills

Jeff Bobo • Jan 24, 2020 at 12:42 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Someone will eventually fill the vacant seat of longtime Hawkins County Industrial Development Board member Terry Glass, but Chairman Larry Elkins said Thursday no one will likely ever be able to fill his shoes.

On Thursday, the IDB held its first monthly meeting since Glass passed away on Jan. 7 at the age of 73.

Glass had served on the IDB since 1995, and Elkins told the board Thursday a person with his combination of skills and experience is very rare.

“Terry was very involved in the running of the Industrial Board,” Elkins said. “He was always available when we needed somebody to go check something out. The fact that he had an office there at Phipps Bend made it really handy because he was there every day to run down problems that might come up.”

Glass had owned and operated Glass Construction and was a general contractor for 30 years. Upon retiring in 2014, he opened Old Stage Printing at the Phipps Bend Industrial Park

Elkins added, “He had such a background in industrial construction and he understood business. He was a good businessman. He is going to be sorely missed. We had seen his health deteriorate to the point it was over the past few years, and I don’t guess (his passing) came as a big surprise. But it’s always tough when you lose somebody like that. He was a close friend, and (the betterment of) Hawkins County was always top on his list.”

Ronnie Price, who was Hawkins County industrial developer when Glass joined the IDB, credited Glass, along with board member Kerry Jackson, for keeping Phipps Bend attractive and maintained.

“When we first got Phipps Bend, it looked like a bombed-out war zone,” Price said. “ … Terry was easy. You just pick the phone up, and ‘Terry go over and look at this.’ I don’t think people realize how much time Terry and Kerry dedicated to (Phipps Bend) over the years. I was always very thankful for it.”

Jackson noted, “Terry did the most because he was onsite. He deserves much of the credit for all that.”

“What I liked about Terry, he could assess the problem, and he could fix the problem,” Elkins told the Times-News after the meeting. “Like when we had that spec building over there, he’d go by and see a problem, and before we could meet to discuss it, he had it fixed. He did all that stuff. He did industrial roofing, electrical, construction, design. To have that skill set — he’s going to be hard to replace.”

Elkins added, “I don’t think we will replace his business acumen and his abilities. We’ll find somebody to sit in the seat, and maybe bring a different skill set, but people like Terry are few and far between.”

In lieu of flowers, the IDB sent an honorarium to the Shriners Hospital in Glass’ name.

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