Free batteries for smoke detectors available Saturday

J. H. Osborne • Oct 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM

KINGSPORT — Keep Kingsport Beautiful is one of 42 Keep America Beautiful affiliates to receive an in-kind grant from the 2018 Duracell/Keep America Beautiful 9V Battery Grant Program.

KKB is partnering with the Kingsport Fire Department to distribute more than 18,000 batteries to city residents on Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon at the Kingsport Farmers Market. The event is in recognition of National Fire Prevention Month.

Duracell has donated nearly $3.5 million worth of batteries to a total of 72 communities nationwide. The batteries from the grant program are for use in home safety devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

“Keep Kingsport Beautiful is proud to partner with the Kingsport Fire Department to distribute these batteries to Kingsport citizens who can use them,” said Robin Cleary, KKB director.

“Barry Brickey, public education officer with the Kingsport Fire Department, is working on additional distribution plans to include the Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority,” Cleary noted.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, two-thirds of all fire deaths occur in homes in which smoke detectors either aren’t present or aren’t working.

“The Duracell 9V Battery Grant Program provides KKB with the opportunity to extend our partnership within the city of Kingsport to include the fire department, along with helping residents keep their smoke alarms in working order, potentially preventing the loss of lives, property and injury to firefighters,” added Cleary.

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