Tuesday Trivia: Have you purchased your Halloween candy?

J. H. Osborne • Oct 15, 2019 at 12:33 PM

This year, the National Retail Federation is estimating that shoppers will spend $2.6 billion on Halloween candy, according to candystore.com, an online supplier of bulk candy at wholesale prices. That’s the same as last year.

Candystore.com’s article cites consumer confidence being down this year,  fueled mostly by uncertainty surrounding the impact of tariffs and interest rate changes on the domestic economy, as a potential reason for the lack of growth.

The company has shipped tons of bulk candy nationwide since 2007 and recently combed through its sales data — and got input from major candy manufacturers and distributors — to compile a state-by-state list of the most-sold candies leading up to Halloween. Read on to see if you agree with their “most popular candy” findings for our region.

• Tennessee loves Tootsie Pops. Nearly 55,000 pounds of Tootsie Pops are consumed around Halloween. The treat retains the No. 1 spot in the Volunteer State again this year, followed by Skittles (47,621 pounds) and salt water taffy (37,648 pounds).

• Hot Tamales remain Virginia’s most popular Halloween candy. Nearly than 163,000 pounds of Hot Tamales candy is consumed in the commonwealth. But Virginia has not lost sight of its heritage. It was the first place in the United States where peanuts were grown, and Snickers came in second place (146,282 pounds). Third place for Virginia: Tootsie Pops (78,298 pounds).

Halloween candy quick facts

• 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween.

• Nearly one-fourth of all Halloween purchases are made online.

• Among those who celebrate Halloween, 95 percent will purchase candy.

• They will spend about $25 on average.

• In Oregon, full-sized candy bars are the norm for trick-or-treaters to receive.

• More than 50 percent of parents stash some Halloween candy to enjoy later in the year.

The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors by CandyStore.comSource: CandyStore.com

In case you’re wondering about the worst Halloween candies, candystore.com used various data as well as surveying 30,000 of its customers to come up with this list:

#10 - Bit-O-Honey.

#9 - Good & Plenty.

#8 - Licorice.

#7 - Smarties.

#6 - Tootsie Roll.

#5 - Necco Wafers.

#4 - Wax Cola Bottles.

#3 - Peanut Butter Kisses.

#2 - Circus Peanuts.

#1 - Candy Corn.


Worst Halloween Candy by CandyStore.comSource: CandyStore.com



You can check out candystore.com's interactive state-by-state map on its website.

Source: candystore.com