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Need an Instant Pot tutorial? Then, here's your chance

Serina Marshall • May 9, 2019 at 11:09 AM

Have you ever received a gift, for say Christmas or Mother’s Day, and been confused on exactly how to use said gift? That is one common happening with the Instant Pot, a cooking accessory that’s finding its way into many homes across the nation. Many who receive it find them to be a little scary, intimidating and filled to the brim with uncertainty. Never you fear! There is actually a place you can go where a professional chef will walk you through your Instant Pot process; from unboxing it and preparing a full family meal to exciting features to shut-down and cleaning of the Instant Pot once you are done using it for the day. Everything you wanted to know about how to utilize that new Instant Pot but were too afraid to ask will be laid out in a fun and easy course. Welcome to The Instant Pot Cooking School!

New to the region, Chef Anne Gorman opened her own catering company and brought her expertise to the Tri-Cities area. After graduating from Johnson and Wales Culinary Academy, Chef Gorman took her newfound learnings to different places, including her own bakery in Texas. She has also taught at the Farm Expo Cooking School where she presented and explained the preparation and end result of 17 meals in just two days.

Chef Gorman is very knowledgeable in her teaching of cooking, and her explanation on the Instant Pot will be no exception!

For one day only, on May 23, Chef Gorman will bring her cooking education, cuisine imagination and love of the culinary arts straight to the table with recipes, features and uses of the Instant Pot to showcase exactly what an Instant Pot can do for food and for you! The Instant Pot also comes with various gadgets you can use to enhance the experience and turn the monotonous task of cooking into a culinary adventure. There are many different ways to bring the Instant Pot and your meals to life and Chef Gorman will excitedly introduce all of this to you during her presentation on May 23.

The culinary cabaret will be held from 7 to 9 p.m., May 23 at the ETSU Millennium Center in Johnson City. There are two different sets of tickets you can choose for purchase. General admission tickets are $15 and VIP tickets are $25. With the purchase of a VIP ticket, you will receive prime seating in the first few rows of the auditorium to see Chef Gorman mastering the Instant Pot. In addition, with VIP tickets, you also receive an Instant Pot Cookbook which is the No. 1 selling cookbook from Amazon, retailing at $15. In addition to the presentation, various vendor booths will be open 30 minutes prior to the event and afterward as well.

To see what’s cooking, you can purchase your tickets online at: contests.johnsoncitypress.com or at the front desk of the Johnson City Press, located at 204 West Main Street in Johnson City.