Hawkins schools offer treats, thanks for Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Jeff Bobo • Oct 5, 2019 at 6:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Over the past couple of years, the Hawkins County Board of Education has expressed its appreciation for school bus drivers by increasing pay, offering performance incentives, and giving them quicker access to health insurance benefits.

Throughout September, however, it was the students’ turn to show their appreciation for the drivers who deliver them back and forth between home and school every day.

Each county school hosted a Bus Driver Appreciation Day, giving students an opportunity to say thanks.

“The driving force behind student success”

Director of Schools Matt Hixson said the relationships that drivers establish and maintain with students is a critical factor in the overall success of a school system.

“Our drivers are truly the driving force behind student success, covering the 500 square miles of roads in our county school system and ensuring our students arrive to and from school safely each and every day,” Hixson said. “Some of our drivers work in our schools as teachers, instructional assistants, and other key positions in addition to driving. We appreciate our drivers and what they do for our students and their families.”

Here’s how some schools honored their bus drivers.

Bulls Gap School

Bulls Gap’s bus drivers were appreciated with a variety of things. Each driver received different items including candy bars with thank-you notes from students, a goody bag of sweet treats, hot breakfast items, and a refreshing cosmetic kit for hot days of bus driving.

Clinch School

Clinch’s middle school teachers and students worked hard to create a very special day for their drivers. Queen McKee had a biscuit and cheddar rounds waiting for each driver when students were dropped off last Thursday. A shirt made by Mrs. Rhoton was given to each of them. The bus driver crew was showered with goodies, a proclamation of praise, hugs and words of thanks.

Hawkins Elementary

Students created Robin Hood-themed gift bags with goodies donated by the families of their A-Team members (Appreciation Team). Students made their own cheers and cheered the drivers on as they pulled up to the school and delivered the gift bags to each of them.

McPheeters Bend

The school celebrated its bus drivers with special “thank yous” from the students who ride each bus. Drivers were presented with sweet treat bags and heartfelt cards signed by all students to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication the drivers show each day in escorting MBES kids to school safely.

Mount Carmel Elementary

MCES honored its drivers last week with handmade cards and posters from the students that ride their buses. Drivers were greeted with big, smiling faces and were presented with an official MCES cup filled with special treats.

Pathways Alternative School

For the Hawkins County Schools Bus Driver Appreciation Day, the school gave the bus drivers a thank-you basket and thank-you notes created by the students.

Surgoinsville Elementary

The school celebrated with a Robin Hood theme. Students handed out apples with caramel dip to the bus drivers. The tags on the apple read, “Thanks for keeping us on target like Robin Hood.” Students also made posters to greet bus drivers during morning arrivals.

Surgoinsville Middle School

SMS students held Bus Driver Appreciation Day last week. The day started off with a skit over the school intercom during morning announcements. In the afternoon, a group of students delivered a treat bag to the drivers and gave them a thumbs-up for a great job.

St. Clair Elementary

St. Clair treated its bus drivers to breakfast from Pal’s. The students made thank-you notes expressing their belief that St. Clair has the best bus drivers in the county and presented them to the drivers.

Volunteer High School

Students delivered treat bags and letters of appreciation to their bus drivers. They wanted them to know they appreciate the dedication drivers show on a daily basis. The theme for the day was “VHS bus drivers are the best.”