ETSU and Kingsport City schools join in on Fun Fest

Hannah Swayze • Updated Jul 21, 2017 at 1:22 PM

KINGSPORT — ETSU and Kingsport City Schools joined forces Thursday to celebrate the Kingsport centennial year with a brand new Fun Fest event, Buc Fest, at the ETSU Allandale campus.

In celebration of the centennial, volunteers handed out free ETSU merchandise and T-shirts as well as “ETSU PRIDE” yard signs to spread the spirit, and even Bucky and Festus made a special joint appearance. Other activities included cornhole, free watermelon and ice cream and children’s activities like chalk drawing, bubbles, face painting and jump rope.

And of course, no ETSU party is complete without an ETSU bluegrass band picking away to songs like “One Tear” and “Ridin’ on the Midnight Train.”

A short walk in the air conditioning led attendees through a historical exhibit, “100 Years of School Days in Kingsport,” which was provided by the Archives of the City of Kingsport. 

Right next door, a table for each decade of the past 100 years was set up with markers and paper. Participants picked out the table with the decade of their birth on it and traced their hands onto colored paper to create a colorful hand collage to be hung in the ETSU at Kingsport Allandale location.

Each hand contains the name and birth year of the person who traced it and, according to one student volunteer, every single decade will be represented, including a hand representing someone born in the 1920s.

The event also served as a conclusion point for the selfie scavenger hunt, where families were encouraged to take selfies at various Kingsport city schools and bring the photos to the tent at Buc Fest to be entered into a prize drawing.

This event was sponsored by Kingsport City Schools and East Tennessee State University.