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Jeff Fleming: You can help shape our community’s future

JEFF FLEMING • Jun 29, 2020 at 9:00 PM

Census. Even the word itself sounds intrusive. But it’s really not. It’s the way business gets done.

So many things are based on an accurate census count. And we have one shot per decade to get it right.

We either get our fair share, or our fair share is directed to some other jurisdiction.

How many people live here? What are their ages? What is their race/ethnicity? What is their buying power (or poverty rate)? How will our voting precincts be aligned? How much federal funding will be available locally for social programs to combat homelessness, food insecurity, childcare, etc.

All of these are based on YOUR response to the census.

In years past, an army of census workers canvassed neighborhoods, knocking on doors. And that’s still the means of last resort.

This year, it’s so easy! It is NOT a long, cumbersome federal form like taxes.

Anyone can go to 2020census.gov on your mobile phone or computer or public library. Anywhere you can access a computer, you can complete the census form. Mine took less than three minutes.

Can you spare three minutes to help shape our community’s future? I hope so.

Jeff Fleming is the former city manager of Kingsport and a member of the Sullivan County Count All Neighbors committee.


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