Readers React: Utah's cracking down on Express Lane violators

Friday , March 09, 2018 - 5:00 AM

If you’re hoping to see a crackdown on those who violate the rules of driving in the Express Lane, you may like a bill that only needs to be signed by Gov. Gary Herbert to become law.

Senate Bill 71, which was sent to Herbert’s desk late last week, would allow the Utah Department of Transportation to enforce penalties through the use of technology such as cameras and license plate readers.

Currently, the Utah Highway Patrol is solely responsible for enforcing Express Lane rules.

According to the legislation — sponsored by Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy — offenders would receive a bill in their mail from the state. If the violator doesn’t pay the penalty, the state could request a hold on the registration of the vehicle.

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Here’s what you, the readers, had to say when we posted the story to our Facebook page. (All responses are verbatim.)

Vikki Deakin: I hope you also catch—and ticket—people going below the speed limit in that lane. Too many people in that lane are going too slowly; leads people to hop in and out illegally. Flow of Traffic should be the standard.

Trevor Lee: Well every year UHP says they’re going to crack down on “Left lane loafers” but yet I always get stuck behind people going under the speed limit or just cruising in the passing lane, even when there’s a train of cars stuck behind one car & we all pass a patrol car nothing happens

so if this is anything like that campaign, everyone will still use the HOV lane as they wish...

Ashton Spencer: They should Worry more about people who drive under the speed limit in the left "passing" lane then anything else thats seems to be more of a common occurrence

Mitchell Mordaunt: Should catch those crossing the double white line as well. Happens way too often. Send them back to drivers ed!!

Bryce Ray: This is good news sometimes I feel like I’m the only one paying to drive in the express.

Kris Baker: I'm surprised they don't do this already

Mandy Hutchison: How will cameras know if there is a passenger, such as a child, in the back seat? Seems unenforceable.

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