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“Stayin’ In but Workin’ Out” challenge series

AIESHA BANKS • Apr 2, 2020 at 9:30 PM

What now!

COVID-19 continues to keep us socially distant; staying active can be a challenge. Most gyms and wellness centers are closed, which has us wondering how to keep up with our physical activity routines.

Self-quarantine can add stress to the mental wellbeing of our community. Hitting the 10,000 steps per day goal can be difficult, especially while self-quarantine is in effect. However, coming up with unique ways to get those steps in could be rewarding.

Healthy Kingsport has created a challenge that anyone in the community can be a part of, and in the end, the winners will win a prize. Our first two weeks are underway, and Healthy Kingsport is super excited about how the community has stepped up through these trying times.


All you have to do is visit our website, click on the Walker Tracker logo and sign up for our Walker Tracker app. You can link your tracking devices to the app, or you can input your steps manually. The app will begin to track your steps and enter you into our “Stayin’ In but Workin’ Out” challenge series.

Already a Walker Tracker participant? Awesome! Log in and join the challenge!

Each challenge will last two weeks beginning March 23 and will end May 1.

• The March 23 - April 3 challenge winner will be announced April 6.

• The April 6 - April 17 challenge winner will be announced April 20.

• The April 20 - May 1 challenge winner will be announced May 4.

At the end of each challenge, Healthy Kingsport will announce the winner via social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay informed.


For those who averaged fewer than 4,000 steps a day, there were about 77 deaths per 1,000 people each year. That number dropped to 21 per 1,000 among people who got between 4,000 and 8,000 steps each day.


• Make trips up and down stairs.

• Utilize online at-home workouts.

• Take a walk, run or bike ride around the neighborhood.

• Jump on a trampoline.

• Play a game of basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis or soccer.

• Get a jump start on spring and work in the yard.

• Find a local hiking trail.

Remember physical activity and relaxation techniques, such as yoga, can help you protect your health during this time.

Keeping our readers mentally and physically active is our goal! Healthy Kingsport’s Facebook, Instagram and the Twitter page will be ramping up the effort to help people that are staying at home. Our social media platforms will also educate you to stay active, be engaged and eat well.

Healthy Kingsport is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a community that actively embraces healthy living by promoting wellness, enhancing infrastructure, and influencing policy.

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Aiesha Banks is the Executive Director of Healthy Kingsport. She can be reached at [email protected]

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