Bluff City alderman allegedly threatened to kill niece, assaulted brother

Nick Shepherd • Aug 25, 2017 at 4:51 PM

BLUFF CITY — A Bluff City alderman allegedly fought his brother after threatening to kill a dozen people including his niece, according to a police report.

John Harrison, 55, 206 Main St., Bluff City, was arrested on Friday and charged with one count of domestic assault and vandalism.

The incident occurred on July 5. According to a police report, Harrison’s brother drove to their mother’s home in Bluff City to pick up his 14-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. When he arrived, his daughter was on the front porch crying. Harrison was at his mother’s home at the time. 

When asked what was wrong, she stated Harrison had allegedly started talking about her and told her she would never amount to anything in life. She also said Harrison had become upset earlier and punched a hole in the kitchen ceiling.

He reportedly told his niece he was going to kill a dozen people and that he might start with her.

Harrison’s brother walked into his mother’s home and asked Harrison to step outside so they could talk about his daughter and why she was so upset, the report stated. When the brother turned to walk through the front door, Harrison allegedly hit him in the side of the neck from behind, then shoved him through their mother’s bedroom door.

Harrison stood over his brother on the floor and allegedly placed both hands around his neck and pulled his head upwards. The niece tried grabbing Harrison to pull him off her father, and he allegedly swung his arm and elbow, knocking the girl off of him and into the doorframe, according to the report.

Harrison’s brother reportedly returned to his feet, caught Harrison's foot in his hand and pushed him back on the bed. Harrison’s brother and his children then walked out of the home. Harrison allegedly followed them out, but Harrison’s wife arrived on the scene and got between the two men.

An investigation was conducted by the Bluff City Police Department, and a warrant for Harrison’s arrest was obtained Friday.

As of Friday afternoon, he had no bond but was expected to go before a magistrate Friday evening to have a bond amount set.