Houseguests allegedly stole $11,775 from Kingsport man's nightstand

Jeff Bobo • Oct 9, 2018 at 5:25 PM

KINGSPORT — Husband and wife houseguests who allegedly stole an $11,775 insurance settlement last December are scheduled for arraignment Wednesday in Hawkins County Sessions Court on one count each of theft over $10,000.

John Alfred Franklin, 42, and Nikki Taylor Franklin, 20, were arrested Saturday at 818 Oak St. in Kingsport on a theft warrant that was issued in June.

The theft allegedly occurred on Dec. 26, 2017, however, while the couple were staying in the apartment of Brad Parlier on Watterson Street in the Kingsport section of Hawkins County.

On that day, Parlier received an insurance settlement check in the amount of $15,026, and according to a report filed by Kingsport Police Department Detective Justin Fleenor, the check was cashed that same day at the urging of Mr. Franklin.

In fact, when Parlier took the check to two banks and was told that there would be a seven day hold on the funds, Franklin allegedly talked Parlier into taking it to a Cash Express, where he received $14,275 after the transaction fee was subtracted.

Parlier intended to use the funds to buy a new car, replacing one that was wrecked in November.

The trio also reportedly looked at cars on Dec. 26, but Parlier didn’t make a purchase and the trio went back to his apartment.

Parlier then reportedly put $2,500 in his pocket and the rest in a money bag on his nightstand.

According to the report, Mr. Franklin and Parlier then went to visit a friend in an nearby apartment. A short time later, Mr. Franklin received a call from his wife to come home for an emergency, and Franklin left Parlier with the friend.

When Parlier returned home later, he found the Franklins had left with all their belongings, and his money bag containing $11,775 was gone.

As of Tuesday, John and Nikki Franklin remained held in the Hawkins County Jail with no bond pending their arraignment Wednesday morning in Sessions Court.