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Second Harvest officials hoping to win $25,000 contest

Valerie Lick, [email protected] • Aug 15, 2018 at 9:00 PM

With just a few clicks, you could help Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee win up to $25,000.

Starting on Wednesday, the First Tennessee Foundation began celebrating its 25th birthday by kicking off a video contest between various nonprofits. The Kingsport food bank, which serves the hungry in an eight-county region, made a video to showcase its summer feeding program and compete for the prize.

“This would really go a long way toward feeding the hungry in this region,” said Development Director Ann Rhem.

Hunger is no small problem in Northeast Tennessee.

“We have about 70,000 people in our eight counties who are food insecure,” Rhem said. These community members, she explained, lack reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food.

Luckily, the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee can help. Through different institutional sources, the agency makes every cent count.

“We can purchase nine dollars’ worth of groceries for every dollar that’s donated,” said Rhem.

Imagine how much the organization could do with 25 grand.

“Individuals and families, they need to make tradeoffs,” Rhem said, explaining that many of our neighbors must choose between paying for food or paying medical, housing and utility bills. Thanks to the Second Harvest Food Bank, they don’t need to make that choice.

“That’s the difference this makes.”

Voting runs until 31, and participants can vote once a day. To vote, go to www.capitalbank-us.com/foundation and click on the box labeled “East/Northeast Tennessee.” The website will ask you to create an account with your name and email. To choose an organization, just scroll through the videos until you find the one you’d like to vote for.

September is Second Harvest’s Hunger Action Month, which the food bank will kick off with an after hours celebration at 5:30 p.m. in the Chamber of Commerce building.

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