Kingsport native set to release second feature film

Holly Viers • Jul 14, 2019 at 8:30 AM

KINGSPORT — It’s been a busy year for Model City native Jonathan Hamblin.

Last October, Hamblin premiered his first feature film, “Hush Little Baby Welcome To The Family,” at Bristol’s Marquee Cinemas-Pinnacle 12 theatre. And in just a couple weeks, his second film — “Karma: The Price of Vengeance” — will hit the big screen.

“I like to show our movies locally because that’s where they were filmed and that’s where a lot of the people that are used in them are from,” Hamblin said. “We actually distribute on a worldwide market, but I like for our films to be shown here before we do that.”

About the film

Hamblin said his new film has “a different feel” than the first and falls into the thriller genre.

“Four people wake up in a warehouse and they’re chained,” Hamblin said. “Then, an entity comes on the television and tells them that they have to confess their secret sins or die, and they have 10 minutes. Then from there, you kind of get a background on each character. It’s a nail-biter.”

Hamblin added that the film is around 90 minutes long and contains no cursing, sex or nudity. It is rated PG-13 for some depictions of blood.

Making the film

Like his first film, Hamblin said he was the sole writer on his latest project.

“It actually took about two hours sitting in the backyard with my cats, and I know that’s an odd place to get inspiration, but we sat out there and it just kind of came to me,” Hamblin said. “When you’re writing something like that, it’s almost like it just flows out of you, like it’s always been there and it just flows onto the paper. So it went really smooth.”

Production on the film began just two weeks after “Hush Little Baby” premiered. Hamblin worked with many of the same people from his first film, including Jeff Millsaps of Four City Media and Karen Elkins of Boogum Productions, to bring his second work to life.

Filming took place in Kingsport and Church Hill with a cast of around 50 regional actors, including Hamblin himself. The Dobyns-Bennett High School Dramahawks, taught by Laura Humphrey, make an appearance in the film, and music from Below 7, a Virginia-based band, is featured in the movie and soundtrack.

How to watch

The film will premiere at Marquee Cinemas-Pinnacle 12 theatre on July 25 at 6:30 p.m., and tickets are available now. A cast meet-and-greet will precede the film at 5:30.

“I like to challenge people’s minds, and once you think you have the plot figured out, I take it in a whole new direction,” Hamblin said. “That’s the thing about my movies is I try to keep them not where it’s bloody and gory, but you’ll be thinking about it weeks after you’ve watched it.”

To purchase tickets online, visit www.marqueecinemas.com/location/42031/Pinnacle-12-Showtimes and click on July 25.