Weekend 'Mini' Book Fair to benefit Kingsport Public Library

Matthew Lane • Sep 12, 2019 at 1:57 PM

KINGSPORT – For the first time ever, Kingsport will have a “mini” book fair this weekend at the Civic Auditorium.

Just like the annual March book fair, this weekend’s event is being overseen by the Friends of the Kingsport Public Library and First Book Greater Kingsport. Normally, the two groups hold one sale each year to raise funds for the library.

However, due to the large volume of books that’s been donated since the last sale, organizers felt the need to have a second, smaller one this weekend.

“We just have so many books,” explains Gail Preslar, a volunteer with the Friends organization. “We’re running out of space in the trailer. We’ve got five months until the next sale and we have maybe a month, month and a half worth of room left.”

The “mini” book fair will take place in the West Room of the Civic Auditorium on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Admission is free. Sales under $25 are cash only; anything more is cash or credit.

There’s going to be a few differences with the “mini” book fair – there’s not a Thursday preview sale, no half-price sale or a Sunday sale. And the selection will be limited to large fiction and the home economics category (cook books, DIY, gardening, decorating, crafts and home improvement books).

These are the books that tend to take up the most space, Preslar said.

“We’ve got several goals with this book sale – to relieve space in the trailer, to give back to the community and to make a little bit of money for the library,” Preslar said. “The community has given us this stuff and we want to give them an opportunity to get their hands on this stuff a little faster.”

The “mini” book fair will have 25 tables worth of books, easily several thousand to choose from. Anything that doesn’t sell this weekend will be packed up and brought back for the March sale. Normally, all of the books from the March sale are sold at that time, and the two volunteer organization start over fresh for the next sale.

This time next year, or maybe two years from now, Preslar said the organizations will likely start hosting two, normal book fairs each year.

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