Kingsport police blotter: Online hookup goes bad. Real bad.

Matthew Lane • Jan 23, 2020 at 2:00 PM

KINGSPORT — A Kingsport man learned a hard lesson the other day. Don’t send a picture of your genitals to a woman you just met on the Internet.

According to a report filed with the Kingsport Police Department, the 20-year-old man made contact with a woman on an online dating site in the morning hours of Jan. 19. He began texting the woman, who claimed to be a model, and after some flirtatious chitchat, the man texted her a picture of his genitals.

Soon after, the woman told him to send her “manager” $300. After some haggling, the two agreed on $80, which he sent to the “manager.”

However, that apparently didn’t satisfy the “model,” for she continued to ask for additional money, the report states. When the 20-year-old said he didn’t have any more money to send, the “model” sent him a screenshot of his parents’ Facebook page along with the names of his parents, his brother and his sister.

“Just do and follow my instructions,” a message read along with a demand for $300 “for insurance.”

“Should I start to post your naked picture?” the woman asked. An officer advised the 20-year-old to block the woman’s number and email address.


Police responded to a Riverside Avenue home around 10 p.m. on Jan. 17 in response to a woman wielding a knife and trying to get into a bedroom. When the officer arrived, he saw a 58-year-old woman through a screen door holding the knife.

After being yelled at by the officer, the woman threw the knife down and began vacuuming.

“Really? You called the cops?” the woman was heard saying. “Y’all should kill me. I only did this because look at what she did to the carpet!”

“She” referred to the woman’s 51-year-old roommate and former sister-in-law, who allegedly did something to stain the carpet. According to police, the knife-wielding woman got mad about the stains, kicked in the door to her roommate’s bedroom, and threatened to kill her.

Police placed the older woman under arrest and charged her with aggravated domestic assault.


Officers responded to people screaming at an Elizabeth Street residence shortly after 5 p.m. on Jan. 17. According to a report filed with the KPD, a 53-year-old woman told police she had been pepper-sprayed after hearing someone yelling at her granddaughter.

“I went outside and saw a woman screaming and cursing at her,” the woman claimed. “I immediately went over toward her and said, ‘You can’t talk to my granddaughter like that.’ ”

And that’s when she allegedly got a face full of pepper spray.

Police located the alleged attacker — a 23-year-old woman — on Dorothy Street. She said she has to walk through Elizabeth Street every day and claimed the granddaughter actually started the argument.

The woman said from now on should would take a different route home every day. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.


Two Kingsport women came to the Justice Center on the afternoon of Jan. 17 to report they had been swindled. According to an incident report, the women went online and found a house they wanted to rent on Swannanoa Avenue.

They reached out to the owner via email, worked out the details and sent the man $950 through Moneygram for the deposit. The only problem was the man wasn’t the owner.

The women told police the owner was supposed to mail them the key to the house via FedEx. Almost two weeks passed and the key never arrived. They then reached out the man again, who said they needed to send him another $500.

Eventually, the ladies tracked down the actual owner of the house on Facebook, who told them the whole deal was a scam. Police advised the women not to send the fake owner any more money.


On Monday, Kingsport police officers responded to Price Less Foods on North John B. Dennis Highway after receiving a report of a woman trying to buy groceries with two fake $100 bills.

According to an incident report, the woman, 26, told police she got the two bills from an unknown man who comes to her yard sales. The last time the man came to her yard sale, he needed a gun for his pregnant wife. The woman told police she sold him a .25-caliber Beretta pistol for $200.

The man said he’s from California and moved to Kingsport for his tree-cutting business. Police say the woman appeared to be distraught and did not know she was attempting to pass counterfeit money.