Kingsport Police Blotter: Man who made false report claims fists are 'deadly weapons'

Matthew Lane • Feb 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM

KINGSPORT — Police arrested a 32-year-old, “frantic” homeless man downtown last week after he made up a story to dispatchers about a white guy with a bunch of kids stealing his iPad outside Maple Oaks Apartments.

A Kingsport Police Department officer responded to the apartment complex on the afternoon of Feb. 15 following the report of an armed robbery that had just taken place. According to an incident report, Justin Marlowe told the dispatcher a man had used a knife to rob him of his iPad, but he was being “frantic” and refused to answer any of the dispatcher’s questions.

As a result, numerous KPD officers responded to the scene, all the while Marlowe began cursing at the dispatcher, telling her he was going to use “deadly weapons,” which were his fists. And it turns out, Marlowe wasn’t at the apartment after all, police report. Rather, he was at an auto mechanic shop on Market Street.

When police arrived there, Marlowe was still allegedly acting frantic and standing in the road, refusing to get out of the way as vehicles were passing by. Marlowe would only describe his attacker as being “white” with “a bunch of kids.”

The location of the alleged attack then shifted to the corner of Sullivan and Market, police report. However, there was an officer at that corner when the call came in. “I observed no one robbing anyone,” the officer said in his report.

Finally, the officer noticed that Marlowe had a tablet in his back pocket; when he pointed that out, Marlowe tried to hide it under a blanket in his shopping cart. Marlowe was then arrested for making a false report and disorderly conduct.


Police responded to the Welcome Center on Interstate 26 on Feb. 14 around 7:20 p.m. in reference to a robbery that allegedly occurred at the Zoomerz gas station on Sullivan Gardens Parkway.

According to a report, police interviewed two women — Melissa and Kayla — and a man — Teddy — who were involved in the incident. The three were giving a fourth person — Scotty — a ride from the Lynn Garden area to that gas station.

When the four arrived, Teddy went inside and Melissa began counting her cash. All of a sudden, according to the report, Scotty grabbed a $100 bill out of her hands and held a knife to her throat. He then exited the vehicle, got into a silver Honda and fled the scene.

On a side note, police arrested Melissa on an outstanding warrant out of Sullivan County for violation of probation. The robbery investigation is ongoing.


A 73-year-old Kingsport woman recently told police she had possibly been scammed out of $500. According to a report, the woman searched the Internet for a phone number for Amazon. Finding one, she called it and spoke to a foreign man named “Gary Lnu,” telling him she could not log into her account and was wondering why.

“Gary” told her someone had purchased six walkie talkies and an iPhone using her account. Then, “Gary” gave the woman another number to call, telling her he would have to call her back. The two called back and forth several times.

Eventually, “Gary” asked the woman to go to the Walgreen’s near her home, purchase $500 in gift cards and then give him the card numbers to cover the charges on her Amazon account. She did, but soon after realized the whole situation might be a scam. The report states the woman quickly called her credit union, which closed her accounts. No unauthorized charges were found.


Security at Holston Valley Medical Center called police at 2 a.m. on Feb. 17 to help remove a woman from the property. According to an incident report, the woman was screaming that someone had a gun and was trying to go into other patients’ rooms.

Hospital staff asked her multiple times to go back to her room in the ER, but she kept refusing. An officer heard her scream, “He’s got a gun!” in the hallway when no one was actually there. The woman did admit to taking meth a couple of days prior. Police arrested her for disorderly conduct and took her to the city jail.

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