KPD Blotter: Eviction notice leads to flooded apartment

Matthew Lane • May 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM

KINGSPORT — An apartment manager issued an eviction notice to a 23-year-old woman in March. In response, the woman allegedly stopped up the bathtubs and sinks, turned on the water and left the building.

You can guess what happened next.

That story was conveyed to the Kingsport Police Department on April 22 when officers responded to Cross Creek Apartments in reference to water coming through the ceiling of an upstairs apartment. 

The manager said the flooding caused damage to the carpet, floors and walls of the apartment. In addition, someone had thrown and smeared food and trash onto the carpet, walls and ceiling, the police report states.

Water had also flowed into the apartment below, damaging the carpet, walls, ceiling, floors and furniture. The manager told police the estimated damage is between $8,000 and $10,000. According to the report, the manager suspects the 23-year-old former tenant is responsible, as she was seen leaving the apartment an hour before the flooding began.

The manager said she issued the woman and her roommate an eviction notice in March for a previous incident. There are no known witnesses or surveillance of the incident and a call to her number by police went unanswered.


Kingsport police spoke with a 53-year-old man last week about his identity being stolen. According to an incident report, the victim said back in January an unknown person used his personal information to apply for and obtain a $10,000 federal student loan at Nova Southeastern University-Davie in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to the victim, this was the second such incident. The man told police that earlier this year he discovered a similar loan had been obtained from Stratford University in Falls Church, Virginia, using his personal information. The victim told police he had contacted both universities and the federal direct loan program.


An unknown man wearing a surgical mask attempted to burn down a home on Riverside Avenue earlier this month, according to a KPD incident report. Officers spoke with a 29-year-old neighbor who lives on nearby Plantation Drive who described what he witnessed on the day of the incident.

The man said when he was letting his dogs outside he saw a man in the backyard of the Riverside residence carrying a glass container with liquid inside. The container had a spigot on the side and a lit cloth stuffed inside. Though the house was empty, the witness said he approached the man, who in turn yelled at him and threw the lit container inside the house.

According to the incident report, the suspect then fled the scene, got into a dark colored Honda Civic and drove off with another man. The witness described the suspect as being in his mid-30s, 5 feet 10 inches tall and approximately 190 pounds, with dark brown, curly hair.


A 48-year-old Kingsport woman recently told police about receiving some threatening text messages from an unknown number. According to an incident report filed with the KPD, the woman said the sender knew her name and address. The sender claimed to be an assassin hired by a family member “to get you infected and killed.”

The woman said the sender would spare her life for $500, but the messages — which were written in poor English — did not include any information about how to exchange the money. Eventually, the sender started calling the woman, calls that went unanswered.


Kingsport police responded to a fitness center on April 15 in reference to a burglary, with the owner telling officers how several high-end workout machines, a multi-camera security system and several televisions had been taken from his business. The estimated value of the stolen items was approximately $15,000.

The owner of a neighboring business told police she saw a man riding a green bicycle near the gym repeatedly in recent days and speaking with two other men in Chevy Silverado trucks. According to the report, one of the men in the truck told the woman they were at the gym to pick up some equipment they had purchased online.

Another witness told police they too had seen the man on the green bicycle as well as a Chevy Trailblazer, with equipment in the back, backed up to the east side of the gym. Police noted it appeared that homeless people had been living inside the fitness center, due to bags of clothes, various food items and drug paraphernalia being discovered inside.

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