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Lend a hand to help your neighbors in these trying times

Kingsport Neighborhood Commission • May 31, 2020 at 5:30 PM

When times are tough, some of our neighbors need more help than others. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help during this time.

Many local charities are taking donations, and there’s more than one way to donate. If you don’t have the ability to make a monetary donation, many charities accept food donations for their hunger relief programs. Take a look around your pantry for canned foods, dry pasta, rice, or other nonperishables to donate to a food bank near you.

Not sure what to donate? Visit feedingamerica.org and search “what to donate” to find some guidelines on what food banks and their clients regularly need. It’s always a good idea to donate food items that you would give to your own family to eat — just make sure to check expiration dates before donating any food to ensure it’s still fresh. You can also call the food bank you plan to donate to and ask if there’s anything in particular it needs right now.

You can make a difference in your community by giving what you can. We’re all neighbors here in Kingsport, so it’s essential that we all look out for each other. It’s important to encourage your friends and family to give what they can as well. Talk to your neighbors and see how many donations you can round up for your local charity. Being someone’s neighbor isn’t always about proximity, and being a good neighbor means more than just living next door to someone. Generosity is one of the best traits we can show during this time.

The Kingsport Neighborhood Commission seeks to improve all of Kingsport’s neighborhoods and the quality of life of all the neighbors who live in them. You can help with that mission by donating what you can. Check with your local charities and food banks to learn more about donating, and please visit feedkingsport.org to find a current list of hunger relief charities in the Kingsport area.

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