Public asked to help locate family of Hawkins WWII Purple Heart recipient

Jeff Bobo • Nov 12, 2018 at 9:42 AM

ROGERSVILLE — A WWII era Purple Heart medal that was lost and forgotten about in Rogersville for more than two decades has resurfaced, and now one Hawkins County official is asking for help to find its rightful owner.

Last month, Hawkins County Veterans Services Officer Danny Breeding received the lost Purple Heart belonging to WWII veteran Charles D. Dalton that was apparently ordered in the 1990s by his spouse, Fannie B. Dalton.

“It was in a box postmarked 1995, and apparently my predecessor Bill McMaken had ordered it for this veteran’s wife,” Breeding told the Times News Thursday. “Bill had misplaced it, and he found it at his home just recently.”

Upon finding the box, McMaken gave it to former Church Hill VFW Commander Darrell McPheron, who brought it to Breeding to see if he could track down the owner.

“It was ordered by Bill (McMaken), and it came to his office addressed to (Dalton’s) wife,” Breeding said. “Bill told Darrell that he had misplaced it and forgot all about it. I’m assuming that the wife requested that Purple Heart because the medal has her husband’s name on the reverse side of it.”

Breeding added, “I’ve tried to call a few of the names in the phone book, but there’s got to be someone who knows how to contact the wife if she’s still living, and if not, their kids or maybe even grandkids. There’s about eight listings in the phone book with that last name and no one knew him.”

There was a photo of Charles D. Dalton in the box that contained the medal. The box was addressed to: “Fannie B. Dalton, Rt. 6, Rogersville” — but there weren’t any other clues about how to contact the family.

Breeding doesn’t know if Dalton fought in Europe or the Pacific or how or when he was wounded.

“There’s somebody in that family who needs that Purple Heart,” Breeding said.

Anyone with information about how to contact Fannie Dalton, her children, grandchildren or other family members is asked to call Breeding during business hours at (423) 272-5077 or visit his office on the ground floor of the Hawkins County Courthouse in downtown Rogersville.