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Tennessee Family Action Council president presents 'Stand For Truth' seminar

Rev. Sheldon Livesay • Updated Sep 14, 2016 at 5:10 PM

David Fowler, president of the Tennessee Family Action Council, came to Johnson City this past week to present a unique program targeted for Christians and especially pastors called, “Stand for Truth”.

Fowler, who is has a law degree and was a State Senator for 12 years, is at the center of promoting and defending most of the state legislation that supports marriage, family, life, and religious liberty. While some of these are subtle, some of the more prominent battles include the right to abortion and whether the federal government should fund it, or whether the courts have the right to redefine marriage and the far reaching effect that has on faith based groups.

The questions men like Fowler ask are, if only legislative bodies can enact laws, can the courts create rewrite marriage license laws, and if there is a right to the free exercise of religion can government violate a person’s God-given rights by mandating that they participate in events celebrating same sex marriage?

In a relativistic culture with tolerance as its defining value the Stand in the Truth Seminars, which are conducted across the state, are designed to help Christians, discern the times, defend truth, and have their voices heard.

Most Americans know that something is seriously wrong with the direction in which our culture is headed and a growing number of people want to know how to take a Biblical approach to the issues and defend their Constitutional right to do so.

The Stand for Truth seminar was developed by Fowler, who gave an inside look at what is really going on in Tennessee. The “buckle” of the Bible Belt, he says, has come undone.

Mr. Fowler uses his experience and training to teach seminar attendees how to identify attacks on Biblical values and Christians’ Constitutional rights. Fowler pointed out, judges have been usurping authority to create rather than interpret laws, which is the duty of legislative bodies like Congress and the state legislatures. That, Fowler explained, is why Family Action Council of Tennessee has filed lawsuits related to the Supreme Court attempt to re-write Tennessee’s marriage license law..

Mr. Fowler also noted that the separation between church and state is nowhere in any founding documents and was intended merely to prevent the establishment of a national church, not preclude religiously-informed moral values from forming the basis of our laws. Fowler advocates for churches and pastors speaking out and joining efforts across the state to learn how to stand for truth.

David Fowler, president of FACT, graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law on the Chapin-Thomas Scholarship, receiving his J.D. degree in 1983. In law school, Mr. Fowler directed the Moot Court program and participated on the National Moot Court and Craven Constitutional Law teams. He also clerked for the late Harry J. Klusmeier in the Ohio Court of Appeals.

Following law school, in 1994, Fowler successfully ran for the Tennessee state Senate where he served for 12 years. For four years he also directed the Center for Law and Government at Bryan College, teaching classes in political philosophy and jurisprudence. After leaving office in 2006, Mr. Fowler worked with leaders from across the state to form the Family Action Council of Tennessee to protect the interests of families with respect to state policy and to educate the public about the importance of a family-friendly culture.

Rev. Sheldon Livesay is the director of Rogersville’s Of One Accord ministry.