Playtime for groundhogs at Laurel Run Park

Jeff Bobo • Jun 20, 2017 at 1:24 PM


CHURCH HILL — There’s a family of groundhogs living in a rock formation beside the road at Laurel Run Park near Church Hill who aren’t shy about putting on a show for the camera.

While waiting for the tour of Model Ts to pass by Monday on their way from Laurel Run Park to Rogersville Times-News reporter Jeff Bobo shot video of a couple of the groundhog residents putting on a little wrestling demonstration. 

On his way back from a press conference at the nearby Phipps Bend Industrial Park Tuesday Bobo checked in on his new groundhog friends and discovered there are at least four living in that roadside rock formation. 

It appears to be groundhog paradise because they’ve got a swamp on on side full of forage, and on the other side across the road is a whole forest full of food.

And, nobody seems interest in bothering them except for one nosy reporter. 

Just be careful driving in to the park. They’re liable to dart out in front of you crossing the road.