HolstonConnect customers receiving local channels thanks to Nexstar deal

Jeff Bobo • Sep 4, 2019 at 3:30 PM

ROGERSVILLE — HolstonConnect’s 1,800 broadband customers in Rogersville, Surgoinsville and Church Hill are now receiving local network TV stations thanks to a new deal signed with Nexstar.

HolstonConnect is a subsidiary of the Rogersville-based Holston Electric Cooperative, which provides TVA-produced electricity to more than 30,000 customers in Hawkins and Hamblen counties.

Two years ago, HEC launched a broadband installation project through HolstonConnects, and construction which was projected to cost $120 million began last year.

HEC general manager Jimmy Sandlin noted that the inability to arrive at a deal with Nexstar had prevented all HolstonTV customers from receiving local affiliate ABC channels and others from CBS since the video service launched in May 2019.

“(Customers) deserve the best value and choice available, and while it is unfortunate they had to go without these local channels for some time, HolstonConnect is proud to say that we were able to come to an agreement to bring our customers the content they deserve,” Sandlin said. “We do regret any inconvenience suffered by subscribers prior to today, but this deal will allow us to deliver local news, programming and sports in a more fiscally responsible manner.”

HolstonConnect has more than 1,800 customers in the Rogersville, Surgoinsville and Church Hill areas, as construction and installation of Phase I approaches completion.

HEC spokesperson Michelle Simpson told the Times News Tuesday that Phase II construction was approved by the board of directors in February and has already begun, encompassing HEC service territory in Morristown, Russellville and Mooresburg.

“Phase III will include Bulls Gap, St. Clair and Persia regions, while Phase IV will contain Goshen Valley, Rogersville North and Surgoinsville North,” Simpson said. “The estimated conclusion of construction of HolstonConnect’s advanced fiber system is December 2021 to early winter 2022. However, the areas listed in each phase are not comprehensive, and all are subject to change without notice based upon receipt of grants, availability of materials and contractors and unforeseen weather and terrain.”

HolstonConnect is a local, not-for-profit distributor of fiber-based services. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Holston Electric Cooperative, HolstonConnect delivers members the tools necessary to support community development in Hawkins and Hamblen counties.

For more information, visit HEC’s website at www.holstonelectric.com.

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